Which Wrinkle Removal Treatment is Right for Me?

All kinds of environmental strains create lines, wrinkles and finally deep furrows in our skin.

Primarily this is due to a reduction of the collagen that fills the cutis and fat in our skin.

But the main cause of wrinkles is age as the elderly age they start to develop a lot of wrinkles everywhere on their body.

Which wrinkle removal treatment is right for me?

Which treatment will best help the elderly patient achieve their desires is determined based on the skins general condition as well as the wrinkles appearance/cause, placement and character.

  • In order to achieve a large-scale tightening of the skin, one will normally need a surgical facelift.
  • Generally, individual visible wrinkles or wrinkle areas are effectively treated with Botox (Dysport/Visatbel) injections or dermal fillers many surgeons provide these highly effective services.
  • The skins tone and surface structure can normally be evened out and freshened up considerably by using skin resurfacing and peeling.
  • For a more general tightening of the skin Thermage or Elos, treatments can achieve good results

How To Help Stop Wrinkles

By keeping our skin clean, moisturized, protected from the sun and with a healthy living we can curb the skin’s signs of ageing, but we will never be able to stop the clock. Check this out

But we will never be able to stop the clock unless you undergo Cosmetic treatment!

Because of the different wrinkle treatments characteristics, they are often combined in different ways in order to achieve optimal results.