How effective is UV disinfection?

Groundbreaking technology

UV sterilisation is a fast-growing option that is becoming invaluable to businesses across the UK.

This is because UV light is proving to be extremely essential in the prevention and spread of infections, such as COVID-19.

“The T-800 UV light robot has been proven to kill up to 99.99%  of viruses and bacteria.”

There is no doubt that UV sterilisation is incredibly effective in killing infectious bacterias, viruses and even fungi.

How can UV light help UK businesses get back on track?

UV light disinfection provides an opportunity for sanitary workspaces.

Being a powerful disinfectant, UV light robots are becoming the first choice for healthcare facilities and companies aiming to keep staff and customers safe.

Where are UV light robots used?

As UV light makes disinfecting communal spaces easier and quicker, UV light robots are beginning to be widely used across a variety of sectors, such as:

  • Airports
  • Pubs & restaurants
  • Hotel & hospitality facilities
  • Shops and businesses
  • Dental practices
  • Labs

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Why use UV light for sterilisation?

UV light is not a new technology, it was first discovered in 1879 as a great device to clean infectious spaces.

Using a short wavelength than visible light, UV can penetrate and eradicate the bodies of viruses and bacteria.

Devices like the T-800 can clean an entire space in minutes and can ensure communal areas are safe to use in between clients and staff turnovers.

Germicidal irradiation has been found to truly impressive in these circumstances and has helped businesses create a safer space and increase their footfall.

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