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The Participation Works Partnership has developed the ‘Young Inspectors Package’.

In  2012, the Young Insepectors Programme has expanded and now works in an additional 11 areas. They are; Tameside Council, Bolton Council, Plymouth Council, Bournemouth Council, West Sussex County Council, Buckingham County Council, Sussex County Council, Lincolnshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, London Borough of Ealing and Essex County Council.

The Young Inspectors Package offers tailored suites of resources and training along with dedicated consultancy time in order for organisations to develop programmes that are suited to their needs.

The ‘package’ comprises of a group of 9 'stand alone' modules, each module consisting of an integrated package of information, resources and defined consultancy support. The complete package develops local staff to support and train young people to conduct objective assessments of local services, make recommendations, follow-up and then support recommendations for service improvements.

To find out more about this modular package and how you can access it please contact Selina Orrel on or 020 7250 8380.
View a summary of the programme below or download a copy from this website (681 KB PDF).

The Young Inspectors Package has been developed through the Participation Works Partnership following the success of the Youth4U pilot programme - which was funded by the Department for Education and hosted by NCB, working in partnership with the British Youth Council (BYC) and KIDS.

Between 2009 and 2011 the Look Listen Change Consortium (British Youth Council, KIDS and NCB) piloted a range of training and support materials with 33 organisations across England through a programme called Youth4U - Young Inspectors. As part of this programme we engaged over 1450 young people, who inspected over 750 services. This pilot programme came to an end on the 31st March 2011.

As part of the Youth4U pilot programme which ran between March 2009 and March 2011;

  • 1472 vulnerable or disaffected young people were trained to work in their communities to improve local services. 
  • 537 services across 33 local authorities participated and worked with these young people in assessing their provision.
  • 485 of the services had acted upon recommendations of the assessments during the life of the project, they recorded and evidenced improvements to their provision. 
  • Of the 1472 young people 80% reported they made a difference in their communities and will continue to support and participate in community based activities outside of the programme. 
  • 96% of young people stated that the Young Inspectors programme had made a difference to their lives and has improved their skills and levels of confidence.

To find out more information on this pilot programme see our Youth4U - Young Inspectors 2009-2011 page.

Youth4U - Young Inspectors 2009-2011

Hosted by NCB, the Look Listen Change partnership includes the British Youth Council (BYC),

Best practice examples

Here you can find case studies from the Youth4U - Young Inspectors pilot programme 2009-2011.


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