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Young Panellists (case study)

Young Panellists – involved 10 young people in decision making on Council contracts and grants awards, establishing the presence of young people in future processes.

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West Anglia Crossroads Young Carers project (case study)

West Anglia Crossroads Young Carers project - Young carers led on a funding application (raising £10,000) then chose and organised their choice of subsequent trips and activities.

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Bright Ideas (case study)

Bright Ideas - worked with 30 young people with learning disabilities to make a film about their chosen issue-based topic, giving them a voice and developing their media skills.

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Voice 4 Change Conference (case study)

Voice 4 Change Conference - for looked after children and young people plus care leavers to meet with senior statutory staff to discuss issues and agree plans to address them.

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Myplace bid - ICE Centre (case study)

Myplace bid for an innovative world class facility for young people in Stockton on Tees.

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How to involve children and young people with communication impairments in decision-making

This How To guide provides information and ideas about how you can enable children and young.

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How to involve children and young people in research

This How To guide offers an introduction to the merits of involving children and young people in research.

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Your rights to be heard (all five parts)

We have written four guides for children and young people living in England to help them understand their rights to be heard in different situations.

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Taking Part in Making Decisions: Training for 8 to 12-year-olds (All six parts)

These training resources have been produced by support workers who want to provide appropriate development opportunities for 8 to 12-year-olds.

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Imperial Avenue Infant School

The animated case study is based on children's own experiences at school, using characters created by them.

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