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Clash and Connect (case study)

Clash and Connect - Young people chose, created or adapted resources in a Discussing Diversity Activity pack for youth groups / leaders to challenge and prevent violent extremism.

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Children and young people meet the common core (case study)

Children and young people were involved in developing resources about the common core for the children’s workforce.

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Evaluating Participation Work: The Toolkit and The Guide

The Toolkit This is a compilation of sample forms and activities that you can adapt or copy to collect information during your evaluation.

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Evaluating Participation Work - Evaluation in a Nutshell

This short guide breaks down the evaluation process into simple easy to follow steps.

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Tower Hamlets Fair Play Wall (case study)

Tower Hamlets Fair Play Wall – the creation of school council constitutions and policies as a way for children in a school to learn about children’s rights and democratic participation.

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Essex Youth Bank (case study)

Essex YouthBank – this project supported the funding development of new projects in Essex and trained young people to become part of Essex Youthbank.

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Finding answers before asking questions (case study)

Finding answers before asking questions - a DVD guide to using children & young people in recruitment, including how to attract children and young people to that process.

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Local Democracy Week (case study)

Local Democracy Week – young people from 12 schools helped to organise an event to learn about and get involved in local decision-making.

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Participating in European Decision Making (case study)

Participating in European Decision Making – Members of the Youth Parliament visited the European parliament to meet MEP’s and share what they have in common.

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Future Proof Garden (case study)

Future Proof Garden – young people led a project to transform a derelict green space for the benefit of their school, while mentoring pupils with learning and / or behavioural difficulties.

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