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Guidelines for research with children and young people

These guidelines have been produced for researchers who are contemplating involving children and young people (CYP) in their research project as participants or in a more active role.

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Participation: standards, evidence and the Big Society

This report recommends that a number of steps are taken to secure young people’s participation in the Big Society, and the role of the participation worker as the primary catalyst for this.

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What is governance?

This resource booklet is designed to explain exactly what governance means and how its meaning varies in different situations.

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The essential information you need to know about governance

This resource booklet looks in detail at some of the essential information that children and young people will need to know in relation to governance.

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What skills do I need to be great at governance?

This resource booklet contains help and advice around important skills that children and young people may need to be involved in governance and decision-making.

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How do I get involved in governance?

This booklet looks at some of the many the benefits to getting involved in governance as well as exploring some of the things that prevent children and young people from getting involved.

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Do the Right Thing

This signposting resource provides a guide of where to find resources and good practice guidance for the development and delivery of participation work. .

How to use a consortium working approach

This guide explains what a consortium is, summarises the advantages and challenges of consortium working and outlines the steps involved in establishing a consortium.

Resource developed in the statutory sector or in partnership with the voluntary sector

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Honesty, Commitment and Trust - Delivering Training in Partnership with Young People

This resource will look primarily at how organisations support and develop young people to work as partners to design and deliver training.

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Youth Participation Worker Career Information Sheet

National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) has produced a career information sheet for people interested in becoming a Youth Partici.

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