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How to use a consortium working approach

This guide explains what a consortium is, summarises the advantages and challenges of consortium working and outlines the steps involved in establishing a consortium.

Resource developed in the statutory sector or in partnership with the voluntary sector

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How to support disabled and non-disabled children and young people to work together in inclusive groups

This guide will help workers who want to ensure that the groups they are working with are inclusive by providing support and advice.

Resource developed in the statutory sector or in partnership with the voluntary sector

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Evaluating Participation Work: The Toolkit and The Guide

The Toolkit This is a compilation of sample forms and activities that you can adapt or copy to collect information during your evaluation.

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Evaluating Participation Work - Evaluation in a Nutshell

This short guide breaks down the evaluation process into simple easy to follow steps.

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Making Change Happen

This section of the training has been designed for adults who want to support children and young people in making positive change for other children and young people.

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Involving Children and Young People in Recruitment and Selection

Everyone needs to learn to conduct recruitment properly and children and young people are no different from the rest.

Resource developed in the statutory sector

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Why Bother..? Children and young people's participation in the third sector

This booklet captures some of the learning from the Hear by Right workshops.

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