Do the Right Thing

This signposting resource provides a guide of where to find resources and good practice guidance for the development and delivery of participation work. 

Who is the resource for?

Do the Right Thing is for anyone who wants to develop participation work with children and young people in any setting. Different sections of this resource may be relevant to different people depending on their role and what they may need to know more about. Managers, practitioners, trustees and volunteers will all find this resource useful.

It is not intended as a step by step process but for users to go to different sections depending on their needs. For example you may already be working with a group of children or young people but are looking for some ideas on how you could evaluate participation work.

You may be a manager of a small third sector organisation or public sector department and are keen to look at how you can develop a culture of participation within your organisation. You may be a youth worker supporting a group of children and young people to apply for funding for an overseas visit and are looking for guidance on how to involve children and young people in applying for funding and good practice advice on how to organise your visit. Or this may be your first experience of developing participation work with children and young people and you want some guidance on how to get started.

The resource is divided into the following sections:

What do we mean by participation?

Definitions and principles of participation. The following activities and resources provide useful information on the definitions and benefits of participation. Activities can be used with staff and volunteers to assist you in this process.

Who can get involved in participation work?

We recognise that different services, programmes and projects may target specific children and young people. The resources here offer up examples of good practice and resources to support you in your work with a range of children and young people.

How do you do it? Participation in practice.

Including ways of getting things done, structures for participation, methods and ways of working, areas of interest.

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